Comment on Update to CDSL's TPIN authorisation process for selling stocks

Navneet Kumar Sarin commented on 22 Feb 2021, 08:44 AM

This is another anti-middle class anti-small investor action of SEBI, which is there to protect the interests of big operators by befooling small investors in the name of ” Protecting small investors” Why openly operators are manipulating the share market and befooling trapping small investors. Why SEBI just take no action ot take action after 5-10 years against them. This rule will result in causing loss to many small investors, who will either not receive the sms/mail or even that will not be accepted by the system.
I feel SEBI want small investors to go back to old manual ways through small sub-brokers, where when you buy you were getting shares at the highest rate of the day but if you sell you were getting the lowest rate of the day.

By doing so maybe Government want to reduce unemployment

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