Comment on Update to CDSL's TPIN authorisation process for selling stocks

murugavel Shanthi commented on 19 Feb 2021, 03:35 PM

today I had a bad experience from Zerodha while trading at Market price. Placed order for one lot SRF FEB FUTURE at market Price when it was at 5442/-. But to my shock the order executed at 5421.55 with a loss of Rs. 21 x 125 foe one lot.

Earlier while purchasing also this nas happened, which I have ignore two three times. But, when it happens frequently, I thought it necessarty to take up the matter with you.

Pl. probe the matter and inform me.

Also I am unable to get the Phone support, even though I had visited personally to your H.O. at J. P Nagar. and met Ms. Ranjitha at the groundfloor some Three months back.

Thanks in Advance and expecting the Support.

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