Comment on Margins- 2 Exit orders for 1 position

Pradi commented on 01 May 2013, 04:28 PM

Ex – I have 3000 and bought 1 lot of Nifty 6000 call option at 40. Margin used – 50×40 = 2000. After some time imagine this is trading at 45. now I have belwo questions for you

1. Can I place a SL-M order with triger price of 43? or a SL with a triger price of 43 with a limit 42.95. Plz note – I initially bought at 40, People say that while placing SL sell order the triger price has to be always less that the initial buying price(40rs) Please tell me if I can place a stop loss order with the triger price more than 40rs.

2. After placing a Stop loss order if I have to place a target sell order at 50rs (this will be the second exit order) then what will be the margin that I require?

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