Comment on Streak just got a whole lot better

Sunny commented on 18 Feb 2021, 09:35 PM

I have subscribed to the ultimate plan. I have one strategy and want to implement it. Do not know how to do it. Please guide me on it. I want to buy a particular stock for long term and do not mind even if it goes down.

Want to
1) Buy a particular “Stock XYZ” at any price of the day
2) Once bought keep target of 2 percent and no stop loss
3) next when 2% target hits and the share is sold, now will buy next only if it goes above 1% of my sold price( next target is 2% of this bought price) and so on
4) if it comes down i will buy it 3% below of last bought price

Please let me know, how to do it, and how to backtest it

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