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Pradi commented on 01 May 2013, 03:43 PM

Zerodha – I dont see any reply to the above comments posted in OCtober 2012! My query – How do you compare ZT with NSE Now.; **** is using NSE now and since NSE NOW is a propreitry of NSe itself, there are lot of features and there is lot of advantage in terms of speed and the order execution and in terms of reliability too.

@pradi, We have over 100 blogs on this forum, guess missed the queries above. Answered now. We were the first brokers in India to use NSE NOW as the only trading platform back when we started our business. Today a lot of brokers have copied our model of being completely online and offering reduced costs. The advantage with NOW is the speed, but we have collocated our servers to match the speed of NOW. The issue with NOW is that as and when more brokers are switching over to it, the performance is coming down drastically and secondly, feature wise ZT has a lot more than what NOW can , from SPAN calculator to now algoZ.

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