Comment on Policy on settlement of compulsory delivery derivative contracts — Update Oct 2019

Sameer commented on 09 Feb 2021, 07:30 PM

I have read settlement policy page multiple times. I have also followed many chats but could not find solid answers to the following questions. Can someone/Zerodha please clarify?

1. OTM –
Is 50% margin requirement applicable for already open positions i.e. OTM PUT or CALL on the last 2 days (Wed & Thus)? It is not clear from the statements whether it is applicable for only new positions or even open positions.

2. ITM –
2.1 PUT (Sold) – When should I bring in full 100% cash to collect the delivery? As at 3:30 PM market decides the final price of the stock, can I bring in cash immediately after 3:30 PM (i.e. after market closure) on the expiry ?

2.2 CALL (Sold) – If I have stocks already present in my account then do I still need to follow margin requirements in the last two days? if yes, then that is unnecessary additional funds blocked when I already have stocks (size of the lot) in my account.

Please help.

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