Comment on Presenting smallcase 2.0

Sandeep commented on 29 Jan 2021, 12:57 PM

Hello Sir
There is BUG in calculation of Avg. Buy price for Smallcase as below
I purchased ADANITRANS on Kite on 15 Oct at 288.90 and Qty is 70 so for kite holdings my buy avg should be Rs. 288.90 Now again on 14 Jan i purchased ADANITRANS via SMALLCASE at Rs. 441.05 and Qty is 49 so for smallcase holding , my buy avg should be Rs. 441.05 but in smallcase holding zerodha is showing buy avg as Rs. 351 which is wrong because for smallcase i got it at 441 and at kite i got at 288 so zerodha should show buy avg as per that and should NOT cobmine smallcase and kite holding, its wrong calculation because when i see my smallcase holding report , i saw 34% hike over buy avg of Rs. 351 which is wrong because i purchaesed via smallcase at 441 , so how come it rised 34%? Please correct this buy avg as per source of purchase so that calculation on rerturns are correct in zerodha

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