Comment on Zerodha Insider Tool - To help you spot trading opportunities

hasina commented on 14 Jan 2021, 03:29 PM

I have been trading with Zerodha since last year, had a good experience with the trading app, but i have one suggestion

i am not able to see the entire birds eye view in one report Like to have a Balance sheet kind of view
+Total Payins
+Value Shares transferred into Zerodha from ICICIdirect
+Nett Profit
-Nett Loss
-Value Share sold
– All other Charges

should give me == Final Fund value (in my case it seems my Payins + Shares tranferred + profit i have made still shows i am where i started which makes me think if its a good option to continue trading or stop trading at all.

Just a small table should help know the status in one snapshot.

Currently i am seeing payins in one report
Profit and loss in one report says i made profit
and Dashboard says fund value is this which makes me wonder if i ever made any profit at all as the value doesnt seem to be growing inspite of me making some profit.

Can someone from the Analytics team develop this view for Zerodha members please. where everything is clear in just one table.


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