Comment on Mandatory TOTP for illiquid risky contracts

Rajesh S commented on 11 Jan 2021, 01:20 PM

I hate anything (mostly, as much as I can) from google and microsoft, including android n windows
n also I avoid installing apps like popping a paracetamol fr evry minor sicknesses !

bcos google hv misused capabilities of Linux through android, I strongly disagree to instal apps which r 99% idle n just used fr purpose like otp generation (I m telling this to justify my comments), instead, I prefer web apps, use it n cls it

but I wil chk n abt it n thn only wil involve any 3rd party in my activities… even if it means tht I cant buy few scrips, no problm

btw @zerodha, I agree wth othr usrs tht broker shldnt b a regulatory, evn if u implement totp or whtevr, ppl still wil b tempted n they wil buy penny stocks, aftr using totp… just see hw many r thr asking clarifications above abt using totp. this itself shows it is not going to b effective. topt wil only add discomfort to gd usrs…

. . . n sry fr short eng !!! it saves time ;-D

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