Comment on How to easily file your taxes when trading at Zerodha with Quicko

Meiazahan commented on 04 Jan 2021, 11:35 PM

I have a indvidual and HUF account with Zerodha. But would like to file only HUF. When I try to use Quicko its not accepting HUF Pan (Getting Error as “Invalid PAN”). I just typed in my Individual PAN in the place HUF Pan, Quicko immediately accepted (which is wrong). Really surprised, how come quicko accepting wrong PAN details in the place actual one(HUF). Also now, I am unable to edit the wrong PAN in Quicko (it should be HUF not Individual). It would be helpful if you help on this. Please reach out to me on +91-9886751601 and help/guide me to file ITR.

This is really good initiative for small trades like us to complete Tax Filing. Hope my issues will be sorted out to file ITR for last FY.

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