Comment on Various Types of Accounts

Thulasiram Thota commented on 18 Dec 2014, 03:42 PM


I have a Demat Account with ICICIDirect and holding some shares in that account.Now,I would like to open an Account with Zerodha as I heard brokerage charges are very less and currently I am paying 0.75% in ICICIDirect.

What are the brokerage % you charge for equity trading with delivery?

Is it possible to open a Demat account with you and transfer the shares from ICICI?

What are the account opening charges and how much do you charge for transfer of shares?

Also I have ICICI bank account through which I can Allocate money to and forth to Bank and Demat.Is it possible with Zerodha?How do I allocate funds to invest in market through Zerodha?

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