Comment on A product to get more Indians to save and invest

Snehal Ajay Dixit commented on 14 Dec 2020, 03:21 AM

There is risk in every investment which should be demonstrated and understood clearly . Investors are afraid to invest beyond FD but they invest in Gold Bhisi schemes in Goldshops . Also there are people who give away hard earned money they lend to different borrowers who use these borrowed money as working capital in their respective businesses like real estate, sweet shops, hotels etc.
Lot of money is invested in such dealings. Which means investors are readily taking this unseen risk as they are investing in this unsecured , unorganised business which fetch them more than Bank FD nd they feel though there is risk element returns are sure by way of getting interest on a monthly or a quarterly basis & over maturity of term they continue to renew as this is rolling monies. Do we know size of this segment !!!! If these investors are investing in these options how can we pull them to straight to fundamental stocks, diversified mutual funds & show them the returns in form of dividend & growth vis-a-vis interest which they earn.
Rather than looking at FD investor the same investor is investing in such unorganised investment option !!!! How can we educate them & bring to organised canvas!!!

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