Comment on PI – OVERVIEW AND FEEDBACK - Part 2

vinesh kumar commented on 18 Dec 2014, 08:53 AM

dera nithin ji and tshiva
while you r preparing to launch of final beta version of Pi , there are some mandatory requirement which should be included . as you know you have so many clients(35k-45k) and every other client have their own preferances in respect of visual and function of the trading software and you can not throw out the preferances of your software developer( tradelab ) on the clients,i am telling this because they (tradelab) provide very – very -very much less options to setting individual preferances in visual and functioning dept .
starting with visuals=
1) they provide only four themes for application style an no other option to change it , as a default, black background and white font with maximum contrast is only needed, but the ZERODHA THEAM has less contrast and background is not completly black and fonts are off white whict put extra strain on eyes ,kindely consider this issue as top priority.
2) no option for hiding grid lines is present there
3) snap quote window and oder entry window always open in the middel of screen , there should be an option to save last used layout ( as present in odin)
4)column width has to be adjusted every time of login . it should be saved as last used automaticly.

1) cross hair is basic need of any chart, which is not present here .please ask them (tradelab ) why?
2)no option to remove volume from chart.
3)why zoom in -zoom out is not enabled with mouse and key board, as i suggested earlier?
4) every time when we open chart they open as candles chart amd templates are applied then to it. why there is no option to “save as default template” present there .
please consider these issues before final release of Pi .
( those fellow traders are in support of my arguments please put your views below this)

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