Comment on Now gift stocks and ETFs to your friends and loved ones

Sarfaraznawaz Patel commented on 15 Nov 2020, 10:10 AM

Should not the price of gift 1remain the original buy price rather that the previous day closing price. As the person giving gift is not going to pay any tax on capital g a in received till date as he has not sold the share.
Eg. I buy 15 shar at10 rs and after 2 years it price turns to 100 rs and gift to my spouse and she sells them in a month at 110 ideally she has to calculate it as profit of 100 rs per share and not 10 rs. Please clarify. Also will that be short term gain or long term gain for her as she hold it only for 1 month but over all share is hold for 2 year and 1 month

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