Comment on PI – OVERVIEW AND FEEDBACK - Part 2

kars commented on 17 Dec 2014, 04:50 PM


I had some problems with Pi today. I put cover buy order and it didnt show up in the orders window. I closed and opened ZT and the order is executed after I login in ZT. When I checked later, I had similar problem with buy order but not sell order. Apparently there is some blocking delay somewhere for buy order.

Pi charts had a problem today. Till 10:10 or so there is only one candle. i.e. After yesterdays 3:30 candle, I see one candle for 10:10 which covers 9:15 to 10:10 price move.

My moving average setup went useless because of this.

There are many minor issues with Pi. I do not think Jan 1st week for public release is a good plan.
This app still needs lots of fixing even for existing features.

btw, If you people at zerodha is happy with Pi, please share which vc++ runtime and dot net versions are installed in your machines (along with os version).


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