Comment on Stock market scams everyone should be aware of

Ray commented on 25 Oct 2020, 02:02 PM

Yes you are at great risk. No broker can ask for your credentials. They are definitely fraudster. Also don’t give the subscription charge, no matter what unless and until it is reputed and old name and register number. This is how it happens. They give 500 positive call 500 negative for free, then from that positive lot again divided into 250-250, then 175-175. The 175 people get absolutely sure about the service (175 account get positive 3 times repeatedly, there for they are assured that the company is making him money) and lured to pay platinum or higher hefty
annual membership. After that they don’t even care. You are already been charged. Trust me other than financial management company. Everyone offering advisery is pure fraudster. Even youtube and telegram ones also. They are there to loot newbies. I have fallen for sms trap and invested 5k and lost 3k. But learnt a big lesson. Then I researched and found many scams happening. I surly lost by my wrong trades but never lose money to fraudsters since. I studied and found all this scams are in organized manner an its an industry itself. They are smart people. So absolutely stay away and threat them with police. Bottom line never trust anyone. Study yourself.

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