Comment on Say hello to the all-new Streak 4.0!

arvind commented on 22 Oct 2020, 04:29 PM

I am not using streak but welcome to new app and your efforts for it.
But I am asking so many times to provide sector indices tab in the watch list .or provide 10 watch lists because with present 5 watch lists we can only add 250 . but as i trade in F N O i have to add its cash value ,fut contract and some option values ( 2 calls and 2 puts ) total six per script . thus i can add only ( 41 * 6 =246 ) 41 scripts. So if i need to watch nifty ,banknifty options ,other cash scrips then I have delete some scripts from my watch list .So its necessary to provide more watch lists or add sector indices in the watch list. Also your carried positions profit loss showing is also very Bad.
pl do this changes first. Need to improve customer support service also

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