Comment on Say hello to the all-new Streak 4.0!

Ashish commented on 22 Oct 2020, 03:08 PM

I had used Streak in the past and I liked the concept a lot.
But 2-3 things I found were missing, because of which I did not use it further :
1. If I have created a strategy, backtested it, then I want to automate it. I just cannot stop my office work and stare at my phone and click when entry / exit criteria pops-up. (So automatic placement of orders is offered in this segment ?)
2. I use Renko chart and moving average to enter and exit. Is that possible ?
3. Can I place hedge order simultaneously ? e.g. If I am bullish, I buy Future and along with it I will buy monthly ATM PE. Is that possible ? For bearish, it will be reverse of the same.

Looking for your response.


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