Comment on Say hello to the all-new Streak 4.0!

Satishchandra Dinakar commented on 22 Oct 2020, 02:34 PM

Hi Team Streak, I have been your PREMIUM CUSTOMER from last 6 months. One thing which I want to bring to your notice is that your customer care and support team being not efficient. The team doesn’t provide any telephonic support EVEN FOR THE GENUINE CUSTOMERS. i would like to bring to your notice JUST ONE INSTANCE which has happened recently. I am stuck with a problem in streak in terms of SCANNER & ALERTS from October 6 2020. I AM SENDING MAILS ALMOST ONCE IN A WEEK to inquire about the issue. Till today i have not received any response. The problems have intensified in the past week and i Have mailed the same to your team again just one hour back. but I haven’t received any response. i know there is a lot of effort behind STORY STREAK and i believe in the team. I have repeatedly requested for a call from your team before I subscribe for an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION, but again no response. i HOPE THIS ISSUE COMES TO THE NOTICE OF THE CONCERNED AUTHORITY and the problem will be addresses in a true spirit.

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