Comment on Referrals just got more rewarding!

Ganesh Giram commented on 15 Oct 2020, 07:28 PM

Dear Nitin, my Zerodha is zp2583 & I am a Full time Blogger and trader. Prior Zerodha i have been trading and do blogging for Karvy and they share Brokerage 30 to 40% with me on trading basis.
The reason is to address you is, i have referred more than 10 account to Zerodha and They all Are activated from last 1 years, but am Not getting brokerage Percentages as per your policy of Sharing.

Have done lots of calls & have raised Ticket but still not getting. Answer is very funny.
That i will get by Friday or will very soon..
As i told recently. Looking in to this matter and hope you been care for the each memebers of Zerodha Family’s.

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