Comment on Referrals just got more rewarding!

Venkat commented on 22 Sep 2020, 10:12 AM

Is this condition helps in transparency? What if one of the referral, trades heavily but if we don’t receive 10%, where is the validation? and how can we trust Zerodha reward program? If you show only total, how would we know who generated much and who hadn’t started trading? If we know who hadn’t started trading, at least we’ll encourage them by teaching the subject. But since you are hiding this info, we are getting the doubts on the crediility on Zerodha, you already lost your credibility on your infra availability during the event days.

“The breakup of brokerage generated from each Completed Referral will not be shown to all referees/clients, and only a total of all brokerage generated from all Completed Referrals will be shown to clients/referees referring prospective clients under this Referral Incentive Scheme.”

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