Comment on Dark theme & simplified order window on Kite web

robin commented on 21 Sep 2020, 10:33 AM

thanks for dark theme option, but it took very long to make a simple dark theme option,
and there is still a lot to work on kite web ,
1)it has blank space on both side of the screen when on 16:9 screen, make compatible for 16:9 screen type also.
2)make use of shortcut keys to change time frame of charts, like 1 for 1sec time frame 2 for 2sec time frame 60 for 1hour timeframe 1d for daily time frame 1w for weekly timeframe1m for monthly time frame
3)make an option to resize the market watchlist panel. like dragging option to make it large or small in size, or just a hide option the watchlist panel
4) opening charts should be easier like with only one click, like just one click on stock from watchlist panel to open a chart it is very annoying to open any chart from the option menu every time ,people would like it if you make it simple to open charts because most of the time we spend on analysing chart only , so get some new ideas to make it simple and easier for the chart system.

big fan of Nithin Kamath really appreciate your work

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