Comment on Dark theme & simplified order window on Kite web

Kunal Battu commented on 19 Sep 2020, 12:54 PM

Thanks this feature will be very helpful.
There is only one feature which I want from you and beyond that I donot need anything. That feature is predefined watchlists. It is very difficult to go on NSE/BSE website and add single single stock in watchlist and make nifty 50 watchlist. My 4 watchlist is filled if I want to add top 100 stocks. Watchlists are very limited so its difficult to track our short term and long term watchlist. Atleast 15 watchlist is needed for analysis and tracking short term and long term picked stocks. For analysis we need predefined watchlists according to indices, sectors, FNO scripts. If this feature will be added it will be very easy to do analysis. With this feature your trading platform will be completed in all aspects. Hope so that u will think on this.

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