Comment on Apply for IPOs using UPI

shubha commented on 10 Sep 2020, 02:57 PM

I applied for Happiest Minds IPO on 9-Sep. I received the UPI mandate on BHIM app. But, when I try to approve it, it is not going through. Nothing happens when I click “Proceed” button. After trying several times repeatedly, it shows the error message “ORIGINAL REQAUTHMANDATE NOT FOUND”. I have been trying to reach Zerodha in all kinds of channels, but I am not getting any solution to this so far.

Zerodha support sucks. If you call, no one picks up the call and after 20 minutes or so, the call gets disconnected. It is not a toll free number that I can call up several times and hold on for 20 minutes to get the call disconnected. I am losing money in this platform, and on top of it losing additional money on phone calls. The support is pathetic. It is like they will respond when they want, not when you want it the most.

Has anyone else faced the above error with UPI IPO mandate? How did you solve it?

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