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Dr Gopal commented on 05 Sep 2020, 11:26 AM

Dear Director zerodha,
Mr. Nitin
This mail was submitted on support platfrom with ticket no 20200619541653. but nobody resolved the issue raised or feedback submitted on19th Jjune 2020.
1)What is hierarchy in your organization to escalate the issue by client if it does not get resolved within time frame allotted by your zerodha company.
2) How client feedback mechanism work. How client can get status of feedback submitted without just answering like “We are forwarding the suggestions to our concerned department, Thanks once again for your valuable suggestions.” and closing the issue by this way. There shall be sufficient transparency to watch the status of grievance/ Support/ feedback raise by client since Zerodha is online digitally empowered platform
3) Manger from zerodha sales, spoke me But unfortunately he must have forgotten to take the review of griveinces submitted and revert back to me as a client.
4) Plz note following feedbacks
(i) Customization of market watch screen background colour by client for his kite desktop version
(ii) Renaming facility for market watch caption like fin, pharma, infra, auto, and so on instead of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
(iii) In market watch we get quantity of holding in light gray color. However, if same information is provided
with average buying/selling cost in bracket there itsllf, then it become more convenient to take decision for
trade in respective script.
(v) About report generated on of profit and loss (P & L) link ——-Client get % of P & L report based on the
buying price only, which is irrespective of duration between selling and buying of any stock. Hence % of
P&L information is not true realastic. Hence in addition to this if you can provide P&L report with
considering duration of holding as additional column, it will be more realistic. If you provide this
information, client get trigger to buy or sell as per this % P&L which is calculated and if presented by
considering the duration of holding of the stock.
(vi) There shall be breakup of margin utilized in three parts under the tab “Fund” (1) Margin utilized for
unexecuted order and (2) Margin utilized for executed order (3) Margin available
(vii) There shall be link to script for getting the break down of buy or sold in position tab.

Except last two points, other points I have reported to support person on telephone also

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