Comment on Why the new SEBI circular on margins in cash segment won't affect you

Saurabh Bhagvatula commented on 01 Sep 2020, 07:42 PM

Suppose a long-term investor invest 10 lacs in a stock for 20-25 years in a stock. The stock provides nearly 20-25% return, then the return comes out to be around 5-6 crore. How will the non-POA, long-term retail investor get one’s return back. How come a retail investor arranges for 1-2 crore for his investment.
Or if that investment happens for 30 year with average CAGR of 20-25%, the return comes out nearly of 100 crore. 20 Crore margin to get back return.
How does a long-term retail investor get one’s return back, when one can’t sell after investing for long-term?

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