Comment on Understanding the new margin pledge system — effective Aug 1, 2020

Varun commented on 29 Aug 2020, 03:02 PM

Till date ie before 31 Aug 2020, CDSL is charging just Rs 12 for pledging and un pledging particular scrip then why Zerodha is charging Rs 70 including GST from its customer.

Really fail to understand when other brokers are charging zero fee for pledging and un pledging then why zerodha is charging money for the same and on the top of it is five times more then what CDSL is charging. Kindly advise reason for this discrepancy..

Also, per latest notification, CDSL has further reduced pledging and un pledging charges to Rs 5 per script then why zerodha is not reducing the same and suggesting its customer it will continue to remain the same post 31st Aug 2020 . Kindly advise reason for this discrepancy as well.

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