Comment on Kite charts update - Trading from chart & more

Sanjoy commented on 28 Aug 2020, 01:29 AM

I appreciate zerodha for all their efforts and for adding new features in application. I have a few humble feedback about Kite(Web) with expectation that Zerodha will consider these.

In your new Kite Web, placed orders are shown on the chart itself which is appealing at first but it consumes space on the right side of the chart or overlaps with the candles obstructing the clear view. I do understand that a few user might like to see the order lines on the chart but others might not like it all the time. So would you please consider whether a toggle button can be provided so that it can be made visible as and when required by users.

Next is Pivot lines. In my view, the current set of the pivot lines are most significant and may be the previous one. Here in Kite, if pivot point is included in the study, then all historical pivot lines are shown which make the chart very clumsy particularly when the chart is zoomed out. So would you please see whether you can remove all the historical pivot lines leaving only the current (like what you have in the TradingView chart option) and perhaps, if needed, the previous one.

New features which if included would take Zerodha Kite to the next higher orbit are :
– to bring in marker in the chart for big corporate events like quarterly result, Dividend declaration etc.
– ability to demarcate trading and delivery volume (up to previous day)
– user’s choice to include lines for last week’s/day’s High & Low in the chart
– showing the constituents of any Index included in the MarketWatch
– some sort of provision in grouping similar stocks (user’s selection) in the MarketWatch (may be by dummy lines before & after the group of stocks or by way of of some background colour etc.)
– overview of Indian market (e.g. advance -decline ratio on index or sector level, top gainer/losers)
– snapshot of global market situation (at least the lead global indices)

I do understand some of these might be time consuming to implement and may or may not align with your vision of next generation Kite. But it would be great if you at least review the above points and include the realistic ones in your next Kite rollout.

Thanks a lot for reading till this point.

Kind regards.

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