Comment on Deciphering NSE's 'Execution Range' circular.

Lokendra commented on 27 Aug 2020, 12:19 AM

Facing this issue in CO SL Trigger. When I wrote an option for Rs. 35.35, with initial SL as 42, it went through. Now as I looked to change the SL, it says, ‘The stop loss trigger price is beyond the allowed range of 20%. Try a price within the range.’ Actually, I could not change my SL to 43 when the price was trading at 40.
This has been happening many times, I checked with entering different prices but to no avail.
Please suggest a solution, or please explain what is this 20% allowed range.
As according to this article, all options below Rs. 50 should have absolute range as +-20 of Reference point, but this does not seem to work here.

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