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Abnash Singh commented on 19 Aug 2020, 01:12 PM

I am a very old customer of Zerodha, right from the time you started. Then I had a trading account only with no Demat. I decided to apply for a Demat account, but Covid 19 put paid to my intentions in March.

This is probably not the right place to put a complaint, but then I have tried everything else.

Finally earlier this month I managed to get the physical Demat forms sent to Zerodha (while all new account holders dont need to do this…. which is strange). Ever since then, even with stipulated service time being over several times over, I am unable to buy equities on the Kite platform as I get an RMS client not enabled message.

Since 14th August, every support person that I have spoken to has always said that the problem will be resolved by the next (working) day.

Unfortunately, till today, the position is the same. I cannot make delivery trades on their platform. I have sent a mail to their Compliance officer.. Lets see if something happens.

Surprisingly, most mails remain unanswered. And if you call the support number – even with a random number, you may get disconnected with the recorded message – “Your sales manager, is busy/unavailable” ….

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