Comment on Our 10th anniversary and the future

Satish Baichwal commented on 16 Aug 2020, 06:47 PM

Hello Entire Zerodha team,
Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary.
Nitin you have mentioned how nudge works in your example and informed how (especially) new trader are saved from investing in penny stocks. I am one of them. I was trying to invest in such instrument when one message reflected regarding less volume or less liquid, something like that. I changed my mind.
I am using ZERODHA regularly.
I have also read lessons in varsity in lockdown period and got understood how market works. I have no word to appreciate it. So nicely written and explained by Karthik, it has no comparison.
Your trading terminal is really awesome. Hopefully you are making it more good in coming days
Wishing you best for the future and
Thanking you Zerodha,
Satish Baichwal

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