Comment on Our 10th anniversary and the future

Sangeeth Simon commented on 16 Aug 2020, 05:55 PM

Dear Nithin and Team,

I don’t even know if my comment will be appear on the top of the stack and be read by one of you – but I couldn’t resist writing a note on this wonderful anniversary of yours!

Before I discovered Zerodha, I was investing through a drab portal of a large nationalized bank which had color schemes that makes one goes to sleep as soon as you log-in. Half the time I was on their portal, I had to spend frustrating hours figuring out how to do simple tasks like executing a trade or investing in a fund. The other half, I waited for it to load! If I had doubts, I had to wait an entire week to get email responses or talk to ‘n’ layers of customer-care people, each of them more eager to transfer the call than help me with the doubt.

Then I discovered Zerodha. It was word of mouth. Being in IIT (Bombay), there were enough of the geeks doing stuff in the capital markets and ‘Zerodha’ was a unanimous name among them all. So I decided to give your product a try-a little hesitant in the beginning of course due to my past bad experiences with a ‘reputed’ brokerage firm.

I must admit, that it was like stepping into a whole new world. I felt like I discovered ‘fire’! Then I came across Varsity- and that changed my life for good. I started with Chapter 1, module 1 and I have never been more happy. Although, I hold a doctorate in Aerospace Engineering, Varsity helped me realize that investing is not as difficult as the rocket science that I was used to.

So I got my wife, my relatives, her relatives, friends and anybody who spoke to me about capital markets interested in Varsity. It changed the way we understood markets. Primarily, it rooted out the fear from us about financial jargons and made us aware of the risk-reward possibility of the capital markets.

While we were at it, came the icing on the cake-Finshots! They do great work too and I appreciate your firm for getting their wonderful content to us!

Please keep going at the pace, honesty and style that you have brought into the finacial world of millineals like us.

And if you ever go public, I am buying your stock through your portal! 😉


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