Comment on Our 10th anniversary and the future

Subbu commented on 16 Aug 2020, 05:20 PM

I have a Kotak and Zerodha demat but I practically use only Zerodha for all my active stock investments. My suggestions are the following-
1) I see the constant improvements you are making on your app. However I discover them by chance, is there an educational video on all the possibilities using the Zerodha and Cosole platform? Is it possible to hold online classes?
2) Coin app – I downloaded this but have barely used it. Most of my investments are still with the banking platform or a few under direct MF. The few times that I tried to migrate, I found it cumbersome. Also the COIN platform should be 100% free as Kuvera or I don’t think atleast my banker is charging me for the platform.

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