Comment on Our 10th anniversary and the future

RAKESH RATHOD commented on 16 Aug 2020, 03:17 PM

Dear Nithin
I have seen each and every step of growth of Zertodha since the day one.I still remember my meeting with you first when I just walked in your office ,when I was in Banaglore-after reading an article in ET of how a new kid on the block have clocked 1000 cr volume on a given day and I just landed up at your office and asked your receptionist If i could meet you and she asked why and I just said because I read an article and want to met him.I still remember how you had kindly accepted my request to meet you after 2 hrs as u were busy in a meeting and I ensured I landed up again and we met.A lot of water has flown since then under the worldclass bridge called Zerodha,One thing that has not changed is your Humbleness and your inspiring attitude towards life professionally and personally.I have seen you inspiring so many startups and brewed so many ideas with Zerodha support with Rainmatter. I am a big fan of smallcase,Finshots Rupeetales and Coin.What all startups need is just that first break and that is what you offer them Case in point like smallcase.Been a happy client of Zerodha since last 5 years and have never had any reason to complain [ofcourse I am not a trader 🙁 ] I am looking forward to use it extensively with your new products like Nudge.On personal side as well you inspire with your sports persona and that divine smile just does the trick to pull that prank succesfully on poor venu….ALL THE BEST Zero ka Adha…Zerodha

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