Comment on Our 10th anniversary and the future

Senthur commented on 15 Aug 2020, 08:31 PM

As far as the trading terminals I have used, I like zerodha best. It’s quite good. I have some suggestions to be improved in the future.
1) allowing all strike price or a wider strike price. On 14th August I was not able to buy bank nifty ATM price also. So it is sometimes frustrating and all other brokers don’t restrict based on strike prices. For option sellers to hedge it is a big headache sometimes as we have to compromise our strategy which increases the risk.
2) allow basket orders, so we don’t need to go through other apps like sensibull to place orders.
3) if it’s possible add a favorite options for tools in charts. so we can add our favorite tools and use it without searching each and every time.
But except this 3 things everything else is really good. UI is clear and non clustered. Very clear in everything else.

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