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AnilKumar commented on 28 Apr 2013, 05:47 AM

Congratulations on starting this excellent feature! All this would help enhance a trader’s confidence. However, I feel Zerodha seems to be taking the new initiatives at the cost of ignoring the basic requirements.
For example, I want to fully utilize my margin funds (leaving a cushion of say 5%). (This would be in Zerodha’s interest too.) However, there is huge difference between the margin blocked in the trading account (436K) and margin statement (512K) generated (both at EOD). SPAN calc(at browser based Zerodha trader) calculates a much lower amount (252K) for the same position. Can you please give the trader a confidence that she can take a position (without running the risk of a margin call/penalty) based on funds availability shown by trading account?

Now the queries related to algoZ.

1. Would you make this feature available on your browser based trading platform?
2. Is it possible to calculate ratio of the prices of two securities (say Nifty and BankNifty) and apply technical indicators on this ratio?
3. Where can I find the comprehensive list of keywords (eg Close, RSI, REF) that are used in coding?

PS. Sorry for putting an out-of-context concern here. However, I have unable to get a satisfactory response so far.

Anil Kumar

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