Comment on Margins on Kite order window

DHARMENDRA PANDEY commented on 10 Aug 2020, 10:56 PM

I have bought nifty 10500 pe 20th aug 1 lot today at 11.50 and 30 seconds with trade id 1280963 I want to buy more puts of the same strike price but your system doesn’t allow me to buy more putsand I gets the below massage.
“buy orders are blocked for this strike price due to open interest (OI) restrictions from the exchange. You can exit existing positions or place buy orders in option strikes within this range: 10850 – 11800 CE & PE”
I also get the similar message whenever I try to buy OTM calls or puts. I need OTM calls and puts for hedging and reducing margin.
your are kindly let me know what exactly the problem is and how to overcome as its creating problems in trading, I am really sad that inspite of various calls your contact numbers and executives are unavailable for support.

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