Comment on Deciphering NSE's 'Execution Range' circular.

Tapo commented on 06 Aug 2020, 03:40 PM

What the hell is this error. I don’t encounter it while buying. Have encountered in the last many expiry day trading. When making losses your zerodha portal easily executes orders. When someone is making profits you guys block those orders saying out of current execurion orders. What the hell! Today expiry was spot on bought 21600 CE at around 18 rs premium. Then was trying to sell when it went up around 35 – 36 it got blocked. Then it came down a bit to around 27 something it got executed. Why is that.???? You want traders to just put in your brokerage money and make revenues for you guys huh!!! and personally we make losses huh!!!??? You don’t want them to make profits.You guys should answer this

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