Comment on Direct Market Access (DMA) for retail investors?

Shreyas Chavan commented on 30 Jul 2020, 03:53 PM

Bro listen, last year I bought 200 share of each for 29 rs which cost 5800 rs. After 9 month it price for each share goes to 47 rs. And then i calculate price it come out 9400. It give me profit of 18 rs per share which is very good performance.
Then I decided to sell these share for as it give me so much profit . Then I go on zerodha app then proceed to sell and it get sold . After that I see only I have profit of only 800 rs and zerodha dp charge it 14 * 200 units = 2800 rs which is almost 3.5 times my profit. From my example , it is very good if DMA is offered to retailers and retailers are very happy if these DMA will apply which may come in next year. As you see bse share goes 9% high after these news of DMA come in market. So it will very good if brockers were removed by sebi new rule. Most people are not invest in share market becoz these hidden charges , demat account, brockers fees,if these will Eliminated like mutual fund it will be biggest gift to all of us

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