Comment on Direct Market Access (DMA) for retail investors?

Ravi Patlegar commented on 29 Jul 2020, 11:32 PM

Nithin, thanks for participating in conversation here.
Still I do not agree with your statement as bad news. If something is feasible and implementation is possible for Direct Market Access, it is always a good news for customers. I am sure government is capable and find solution here.

I have bigger concern on quality of support we get from brokers and this where we are much worried on the side. I am following up with your team and directly loaded my mail to you.
There are good amount of improvements possible onto kite tools, but unfortunately I just get response we are taking your feedback with closure of ticket without employees consent.

Broker sites will be more meaningful if they understand customers need and able to help them.
Like for example, senior citizen sometimes have questions on the brokerage parts and might need to have these calculators handy on tool, similarly direct call tab on tab to customer care.

Now recently many times we have to wait on fir more than 1/2 hour to get someone onboard to address our call.

Please do resolve these issues to upfront to keep customers happy here.

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