Comment on Direct Market Access (DMA) for retail investors?

Anmol Shah commented on 29 Jul 2020, 05:40 PM


If I am correct, new upfront margin collection framework in Equity cash segment will be in effect from 1st August, 2020 ?

I have following questions :-

1. Do we will need to provide margin for selling stock in which is already in our Zerodha’s Demat Account ( irrespective whether PoA is provided or not ) ?

2. Suppose I buy any stock today with 100% fund on delivery basis and would like to sell it the very next trading day. Will I require to provide margin while selling the stock on T+1 day because it is not settled demat account ? Also, if I buy another stock on T+1 day with the sale proceed of previous stock will there be margin shortage then ?

3. Suppose I already held (x) no. of shares of company A in Zerodha’s demat account. On T day, I buy (y) no. of shares on same the company A. Will there be any margin requirements if I sell (x+y) no. of shares of company A on T + 1 day.

@nithin0dha, If you could explain I will be more than happy

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