Comment on Direct Market Access (DMA) for retail investors?

Shreyas Chavan commented on 29 Jul 2020, 04:01 PM

I will be thankful to sebi if they start DMA. Some people said it is very hard to handle all Million of customer but I ask government has also know what should be problem they will face in future and how to eliminate them. Government have enough money to buy many companies like zerodha and they know how to deal with these. If some jobs are going then new jobs are also generating. And all you know that brockers are apply too many hidden taxes which could be eliminated by DMA. Charges are applied by brockers are horribly high.
Eg. If you hold a share for more than 4 days you will be charged 14 rs per share whether you have profit or loss. These is very bad thing about brockers which always apply hidden charges. Sebi has enough infrastructure for handling customer

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