Comment on Launching the all-new Streak 3.0 Beta

satheesh commented on 16 Jul 2020, 03:02 PM

Hi have few queries and clarification. Appreciate your response.
1. How to create a condition to enter at the beginning of 9.16 AM. giving time as a condition?
2. How to select the Day open price as entry condition?
3. Can I store the purchase price in a variable and use in exit condition?
4. How to set entry time frame and exit time frame?
5. How to set an else ccondition if exit condition not met till certain time such as 1 pm?
6. If exit condition not met , what will happen? will it auto square of at 3.30pm for margin trade?
7. How to find days high till certain time of a day? like till 1 pm high price of the day.
8. Any option to add if else conditions?
9. How to place sell order x%above day open price?

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