Comment on Kite charts update - Trading from chart & more

KGhosh commented on 16 Jul 2020, 01:35 PM

When I have a negative experience I prefer raising a ticket and letting the Customer Support team address the matter. I am making an exception and posting here as I am a little miffed right now. I experienced issues with the drawing tools panel and so raised tickets. Unfortunately the only solution I have received is – clear the cache. First of all Kite does not allow you to save more than 10 drawings, and now every time you have an issue with the drawing tools panel, you need to clear cache which means you lose even that little bit that you were allowed to save. Secondly who would clear cache in the midst of a trade? I mark my entry level with a horizontal line immediately on entering a trade. Today I could not do that. Third, clearing cache is a temporary solution – it seems to work immediately after its done – a while later the panel is screwed up yet again. In all fairness to Zerodha, I’ll say this – the trade from chart function has been well done – it is a very nifty tool for fast scalps – great job on that count. Unfortunately it looks like this “crown jewel” was worked on at the expense of other functions – which were relegated to the sidelines. My advice: Roll back the portions that you have not tested well enough. If selective rollback is not possible, roll back the entire update. Just wondering what value add did you get from the new drawing palette UI? I don’t see any. I’ll hazard a guess that your technical team was not comfortable but your administration / mgmt. team wanted it deployed immediately any way or the other. That’s a common storyline in most organizations.

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