Comment on PI – OVERVIEW AND FEEDBACK - Part 2

karan commented on 11 Dec 2014, 01:32 PM

id – DK0983

i know you have been keeping a bit busy due to updates .. but this problem is serious with me.
1. my NEST TRADER hangs after running for half an hour …
2. none i mean NONE of your support members are able to solve this issue , not even the technical team…
3. it has been 2 WEEKS like this and i have not traded…
4. i m extremely fed up
5. i have sent mails to support as well but they say sorry sir please continue using nest … arre yaar when the system is not running properly then how can i use it…
6. last monday i sent a mail requesting Pi , but till now i have not got it …i have requested 3or 4 times now… i’m not asking for pi because i cannot wait or anything like that, but because my NEST is not RUNNING properly … so i thought that this problem will not be there with Pi … i could easily trade ….
7. last sunday u said i will get pi by tomorrow but i’m still waiting….

PLEASE do something about it….

(i’m enclosing 2 pictures of nest trader being hanged everytime i run it for 20-30 minutes)

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