Comment on Kite charts update - Trading from chart & more

Balachandran commented on 12 Jul 2020, 03:14 PM

After the update, chartiq is only showing daily (though the timeframe says 1min) chart pattern with great difficulty. Timeframes like 2min, 15 min, Hourly, etc cannot be applied. Saved views have disappeared. Saved indicator studies have disappeared. Overall the charts have stopped working. None of the new update features are not showing on my screen anyway.
(Surprisingly the chartiq is still working normally, if I use a 2-chart side-by-side setup !!). Never tried ‘Trading view’ as it was not working previously also anyway.
I used Ccleaner program to clean up the browser history/data/cookies, etc, and reloaded Firefox & Web kite – but still charts are not working. All in all, what was working well has been broken, and you have made a mess. Please revert back to the older version and keep your update version as a beta version for voluntary verification and comments by your customers before mandatory implementation.
I am still using a Desktop PC with Win XP3-Firefox 52, for compatibility reasons and cannot “upgrade to windows 10, latest version of chrome”, if that was going to be your stock answer. (Which customer would ever follows such a stupid advice ? – I would rather take my business to another Broker, who will fulfill my needs).
Learn from Amazon’s success – its because their platform runs on all devices and browsers (from Opera 12 to the latest browsers), irrespective of age or obsolescence – they want their customers to succeed, no matter how amazon is accessed, so that they win the customer. This is where their competitors lag (They are the ones who give the above stupid advice instead of taking the trouble to fix themselves).

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