Comment on Kite charts update - Trading from chart & more

KGhosh commented on 12 Jul 2020, 02:16 AM

I still see the new version. Not sure if the update has actually been rolled back or not. Regardless, my 2 cents on the update:
1. Studies such as Volume, MACD, etc. do take up too much real estate. User needs to resize. Minor point.
2. Drawing panel should close after a tool has been chosen. Minor point again.
3. How will I know if the Trade from chart button will invoke a Limit order or SL-M order?
4. I was recently advised by your Customer Support team that the max no. of charts on which we can save drawings is 10. The 11th drawing will cause the 1st one to disappear and so on. I am not sure if exactly 10 is the max as advised, but my observation has been that my drawings do disappear, whether I save them or not. For me this is the mother of all issues. This basically means I cannot mark and save key levels on all charts of my choice. I honestly cannot reconcile to the fact that a platform advanced enough to offer a feature like “Trade from Chart” can fall short on such a basic requirement. I would expect that my drawings stay intact even if I were to draw on 500 charts – this feels so basic that I wouldn’t even ask if its possible – I would just assume it is without second thought! If you can, please fix this.
5. This is an ask for a tool – not a feedback. Think of it as a custom level marker. The tool settings should ask me to specify levels in terms of percentage. Up to 10 levels should be allowed. Lets say I key in 1%, 0.5%, -.05% and -1% (only 4 levels in this example). Choose colors. Save the settings. Now when I invoke the tool, it should ask me to enter a price (entry price). Once I do, it should mark the 4 levels on the chart. I explored the possibility of adapting existing tools such as pivot, Fibonacci, but they are hard coded.

These are my thoughts. If you can choose only one, pick #4.
Thank you for all the good work!

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