Comment on Cover Orders - For Higher Leverage

Nagendra commented on 10 Dec 2014, 10:24 PM

Hi Nithin,

My first email in Zconnect. First thanks for great brokerage. I am about complete 1 year @ Zerodha in January. Own 2 60 day challenge.

Regarding problem faced at dealer terminal. Dealers limit is made “0”. This is very odd. I feel somehow all these IT upgrade is costing traders dearly. I think we require S/W delivery system which is transparent to us or make these changes at year end or october- november time when there is lot of holidays. Typically when volatility increases and you need to upgrade S/W and infra is a bad idea.

Yesterday my turnover was highest so far. Today I could not trade because of issue. It cost me huge profits in the market. Please give it a thought , these issues can be solved. its not vendor issue, its infra deployment issue this time.

Hope to get some improvement here and not to miss those profit days :-). Thanks a lot for help


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