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hasina commented on 06 Jul 2020, 11:19 AM


i have been trying to trade in “7NR” equity and you guys have blocked it from trading, i will incur a loss of 14k if i dont get the average down and make a sell, its the right time for me to buy the stock and you people are not allowing me to buy it by placing a block because of some news.

i will hold you guys responsible for the loss if this is not opened for trading.
how can you guys decide on what i need to buy or i shouldnt buy. why doont you trade on my behalf then??
you have done you responsibility by informing the customer its a penny stock and you have placed a nudge? over an top of this how can you block us from trading in selective stocks you deem to be risky, i say its a good buy at this price., and the risk is mine, trading is all about the risk of buying and the profit i predict to make?

i have raised enough tickets with your support i have installed topt all precaution as directed by you have been taken inspite of that i am unable to buy, no one is resolving this for me.

request you to kindly get this looked into and open the stock for trading, kindly do not block any stocks from trading. placing a nudge is really appreciated but not blocking stocks. i will be under 14k loss if you do so, and this will be your responsibility

so request you to kindly do the needful and help me trade in this stock.


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