Comment on Latest updates — June 2020

Dinesh commented on 05 Jul 2020, 06:42 AM

I have been with Zerodha now for more than three years and the experience has been great not counting the amount I have saved on brokerages : ) I have a suggestion and I call it “The Yogi Way of Investing”.
This has been necessitated because as a long time investor I have gone through a lot of heartburn when I see my holdings during these turbulent times. When the holdings are green I am elated and when its in the red I am down in the dumps. Knowing that I have not brought stocks but businesses. And if you are in business then as they ” Teji Mandi to chalti rahatee hai” So I want to split your two mode authentication in two steps.
1. When I log in Kite with password I go to my Watchlist page. I have created them to buy them in equal proportion regularly. I enter on top an amount I will invest and below in the watchlist the number of shares of the equated amount will be displayed. When I hit the buy button I will go to second level of authentication.
2. Here I enter my TPin and if I have sufficient funds then my trade gets executed or an add funds window opens which will indicate the funds required to complete the trade. I enter an amount greater that to avoid missing any purchase price variation during the period.
3. Once my trade is completed I have the option to either go to the full suite of Kite or log out.
This will keep a long term investor on track of his goals, keep him rooted to the very reason he had brought the stock in the first place.
This kind of approach is used by an advisory but should be open to all DIY Investors. This method will keep serious investors away from all the noise and help him achieve his goals.
Hope your team seriously brain storms my proposal and come up with a solution.

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